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Election fraud claims ‘will almost certainly’ spur more violence by domestic extremists- US intelligence report

The summary was released on the same day that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told lawmakers domestic violent extremism is the "greatest threat" to the US -- a clear reminder that federal officials remain very concerned about the potential for more violence in the coming months.

US Capitol protest: Police officer injured during protest dies

He returned to his division office and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries” on Thursday night,

Ex-Pentagon Chiefs say Military must stay out of US election

Biden said that political appointees at the Pentagon, which Trump has packed with loyalists since the election, have refused to provide a “clear picture” on troop posture or budgeting.

U.S. appeals court rejects lawmaker’s bid to have Pence overturn Biden’s win

Trump, a Republican, has refused to concede to Biden, claiming without evidence that his victory was due to widespread fraud. Dozens of election officials and judges around the country have dismissed Trump's allegations.

Trump is now inadvertently declaring that Joe Biden has won the election – on his own tweets

Donald Trump has been in denial about the election results for a long, long time now but it would appear that he is finally...

President should use army to ‘rerun’ election, says Flynn as Pence vows to ‘keep fighting’

Meanwhile, Mike Pence has told supporters of Mr Trump that “we’re going to keep fighting" in an attempt to energise supporters for the upcoming 5 January Georgia senate run off elections.

Putin congratulates Joe Biden on U.S. election victory – Kremlin

"Putin wished the president-elect every success and expressed confidence that Russia and the United States, which have a special responsibility for global security and stability, could, despite their differences, really help to solve the many problems and challenges facing the world,"

US Election: Electoral College affirms Biden’s victory over Trump

With the elections results now affirmed, in what comes next in the U.S. electoral process, the Congress will formally receive and tally the Electoral College votes and again confirm Mr Biden’s win on January 6. The official oath of office is slated for January 20.

Supreme Court rejects Republicans’ last-ditch attempt to undo election results and give Trump the presidency

“Texas seeks to invalidate elections in four states for yielding results with which it disagrees,” Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro wrote to the court against Mr Paxton’s suit.

Trump shows no surrender in first post-election rally

“And I have to say, if I lost, I’d be a very gracious loser. If I lost, I would say, I lost, and I’d go to Florida and I’d take it easy and I’d go around and I’d say I did a good job. But you can’t ever accept when they steal and rig and rob.”

Trump suggests election ‘revote’ and calls on Supreme Court to overturn result in 46-minute Facebook video

The speech comes a day after attorney general Bill Barr said the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations were “running down” claims of fraud that would potentially cover a “few thousand” votes, but not enough to have changed the outcome of the election.

Breaking: Trump finally gives in to power transition to Biden, still will not concede defeat

Trump said he advised the agency to start the process because he did not want Murphy, her family and employees of the GSA to continue to suffer harassment and abuse.

Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit

"Observers are disruptive. They are asking question after question, telling the tabulators to stop, stop what they're doing and that is out of line, that's not acceptable," Milwaukee County Clerk George Christianson told reporters.

Georgia recount confirms Biden victory over Trump, says state election official

“Unfortunately, my administration hasn't been able to get everything we need,” Mr Biden said during a video conference with the National Governors Association's leadership team, which consists of five Republicans and four Democrats.

Trump would have won Georgia by 10,000 if he hadn’t ‘suppressed his own voting base’, says GOP official

As proof of voting irregularities, the Trump campaign has pointed to news that Floyd County discovered almost 2,600 uncounted ballots during Tuesday’s audit.. The new votes favour Trump by around 2 to 1, though the development won’t materially impact the result of the election in the state.

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Nigerian repatriated from Germany to US risks 30 years jail term for multiple money scams

The US Department of Justice’s Office of International Affairs of the Department’s Criminal Division provided significant assistance in securing the defendant’s extradition from Germany.

Police officer fired for pepper-spraying Black army officer in ‘horrifying’ traffic stop captured on film

police officer Joe Gutierrez was terminated from service after an internal investigation concluded that the police department’s “policy was not followed” and pepper spray was used against Lieutenant Caron Nazario, officials of Windsor, Virginia, said in a statement.

Nigerian stocks fall further, investors lose N30bn

The financial services industry (measured by volume) led the activity chart with 607.22 million shares valued at N6.07bn traded in 10,125 deals, thus contributing 68.46 per cent and 65.99 per cent to the total equity turnover volume and value respectively.

Buhari’s late driver not detained, tortured – DSS

The DSS spokesman, therefore, urged the public to disregard the fake news trending on the online platform.