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Governors have to stop enticing judges with cars, houses – Ubani

They should not be an appendage of the executive. They are an independent arm as recognised by the constitution. They should insist on their independence and with that, I can assure you that the executive would be careful in the way it treats them. They would stop this habit of buying things and making an open show of it, making it look as if they are doing them a favour. In fact, the governors even act as if they used their personal money to buy the cars and houses.

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Officer who shot Daunte Wright was training new recruit at time of shooting

The 26-year veteran of the force can be heard saying: “Holy s***. I just shot him!” in bodycam footage after allegedly intending to tase Mr Wright but shooting him instead.

Bauchi Hisbah to repatriate sex workers from other states, marry off indigenes

“They are not comfortable with their current situation. That’s why we are going to sit down with them, identify the natives and non-natives among them with a view to rescuing them and those who are not indigenes, we will liase with their governments to see that they are taken back home and rehabilitated,”

Insurgency: Japan donates $2.3m infrastructure fund to Borno, North East commission

The project which is implemented by the UNOPS is primarily aimed at scaling up oxygen supply and expand vaccine storage capacity in 139 healthcare centers and nine hospitals across Borno State.

2023: Saraki campaign posters sighted in Abuja

“we do not know anything about the posters.”