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EID EL FITRI: Celebrate with moderation and pray for Nigeria- Omooba Dotun Babayemi

this is a period to reflect the outpouring of generosity towards one another, especially the less privileged and as they give thanks to Allah for the successful fasting period, they should practice the lessons of the month and abstain from deeds that violate divine injunctions.

Workers are the invisible backbone of a nation – Omooba Dotun Babayemi

No nation can function properly if the workers refuse to go to work for even a single day, so this special day is to show heartfelt appreciation and respect to the workers of every field.

ODB@54: A toast to a selfless leader

Prince Dotun Babayemi, a selfless leader and philanthropist, a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria since 1990, he...

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I have no anointed candidate, delegates will decide my successor — Ganduje

on the complexity of politics in Kano, so many aspirants for governorship, House of Representatives, Senate, how do I tackle it? Well looking at the antecedents of the Governor, his politics dexterity, he too is complicated complex in politics. So time will tell. The issue will be resolved democratically,” the Governor said.

Elections will continue to be a sham until we amend electoral act, says Senator

“The national assembly must pass an electoral act amendment bill that makes provision for electronic transmission of results from voting points.

We have no regrets leaving PDP ― C’River Commissioner

the decision of governor Ayade has opened the eyes of the people of the state to see the good in being in the same party with the ruling party

Nigerians are hungry, frustrated, unsafe — Northern CAN tells FG

We urged the President to go beyond rhetorics and match his words with action this time around in order to inspire confidence among Nigerians.