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France is having a ‘baby bust’ nine months after the first lockdown

Contrary to expectations, the country is experiencing a decline in birth rates, writes Rick Noack  France confirmed more than 64...

Security bill controversy leads to massive protest in France

Footage of white police beating up an unarmed black music producer in his Paris studio on November 21 has amplified anger over the legislation, condemned by many as signalling a rightward lurch by President Emmanuel Macron.

France sees record number of new COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations spike

At 25,784, a total that has more than doubled in 12 days, the current number of hospitalisations, at a four-months high, is rapidly closing in on that record.

End ties with France in 24 hours, Bangladesh Islamist group tells government

"We will not take any side," said a senior foreign ministry official, who declined to be named citing office rules, adding that security had been tightened at the French embassy.

France’s Le Drian blames Britain’s ‘attitude’ for Brexit talks impasse

Negotiations between Britain and the European Union on future relations after its Jan. 31 exit from the bloc have made scant progress, with both sides accusing the other of posing unachievable demands.

France calls on Belarus to reverse measures against journalists

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian condemned on Sunday what he called "arbitrary measures" taken by the Belarusian authorities against journalists,...

France to make face masks mandatory everywhere in Paris

France is to order the mandatory wearing of face masks across Paris to curb surging coronavirus infections, Prime Minister Jean Castex...

France may implement partial lockdown as struggle to curb the spread of the coronavirus continues.

France is struggling to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, its top health official Jerome Salomon said on...

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Chad president seeks sixth term after 30 years in power

Deby, a former army commander-in-chief, first came to power in 1990 when his rebel forces overthrew then-President Hissene Habre, who was later convicted of human rights abuses at an international tribunal in Senegal. Deby has continued to win re-election over the years, last drawing 61.5% of the vote in the last 2016 election.

Yinka Odumakin: The exit of a convinced humanist

I said we had a remarkable relationship because Yinka was consistent in standing up to fight for democracy, federalism, justice and rule of law. These to me are the factors for defining the dignity of man. Whoever has this commitment is an ally and a humanist.

The Nigeria’s Predicament: nepotism, corruption and calamitous tragedy of leadership

"The pessimist complains about the wind while the optimist expects it to change but the leader adjusts the sails." –John Maxwell.

Resident doctors suspend strike

The decision to suspend the strike comes after the signing of a new agreement with the federal government, concerning issues raised in NARD’s 13-point demand.