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Bobi Wine: A voice seeking the unification of Africa

The difference between a strongman and a weak one is that the former does not give up to a defeat. In...

The leopoldic descendants: Exterminating Sankara and anathematizing Arikana for a recolonized Africa

"Any other race that would have gone through what we have been subjected to would have been extinct and that's the truth."

Canada: ALTEC leads pathway to easy migration for Africans

Canada has over 100 immigration programs; offering a wide range of opportunities by which persons can immigrate to the country either as temporary residents with permission to work or study or become Permanent Residents.

SADC: The Biggest Blockchain Event out of Africa

It’s no more news that centralized social media giants are making fortune from user data while invading user’s privacy with unsolicited...

ECOWAS donate food items worth $4m to Nigeria, 3 others

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has donated food items worth four million dollars to four member states, including...

Africa should support COVID-19 vaccine trials, provide scientific leadership

The news that the University of Oxford has developed a COVID-19 vaccine that appears safe and has triggered an immune response,...

African court orders Tanzania to allow citizens challenge outcome of Presidential Election

A Tanzanian advocate, Jebra Kambole, filed a case in the Arusha-based court in 2018, arguing that the provision was a violation of his rights.

How Africa risks reeling from a health crisis to a food crisis

By Libby George In Nigeria’s Benue state, the food basket of the country, Mercy Yialase sits in front of...

Africans improvise sanitizers, masks to plug shortages

By Wendell Roelf When panic over the coronavirus spurred a run on hand sanitizer in Cape Town, gin maker...

WHO warns Africa to ‘prepare for the worst’

African countries have been told to prepare for the worst by the head of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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I have no anointed candidate, delegates will decide my successor — Ganduje

on the complexity of politics in Kano, so many aspirants for governorship, House of Representatives, Senate, how do I tackle it? Well looking at the antecedents of the Governor, his politics dexterity, he too is complicated complex in politics. So time will tell. The issue will be resolved democratically,” the Governor said.

Elections will continue to be a sham until we amend electoral act, says Senator

“The national assembly must pass an electoral act amendment bill that makes provision for electronic transmission of results from voting points.

We have no regrets leaving PDP ― C’River Commissioner

the decision of governor Ayade has opened the eyes of the people of the state to see the good in being in the same party with the ruling party

Nigerians are hungry, frustrated, unsafe — Northern CAN tells FG

We urged the President to go beyond rhetorics and match his words with action this time around in order to inspire confidence among Nigerians.