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Echoes of June 12, the push for May 30 Civil War Memorial and call for visionary leadership

It was Prof Attahiru Jega, a former Vice Chancellor of Bayero University, Kano and a two-time Chairman of the Independent National...

The search for a new Nigeria (5): The consequences of failed leadership

A blind person asked a Rabi: "Can there be anything worse than losing one’s eyesight?" He replied: "Yes, losing your vision."

State of the nation: Nigeria bleeding in the eyes of the storm

"Patriotism means to stand by the country... It does not mean to stand by the President or any other public officials,...

The African tragedy: the negative effects of superstitions and religion

"We must never remain silent in the face of bigotry. We must condemn those who seek to divide us. We must...

The African tragedy: Africa is so rich, yet so poor

"Bombs and pistols do not make a revolution. The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting-stone of ideas." –Bhagat Singh.

The Nigeria’s Predicament: nepotism, corruption and calamitous tragedy of leadership

"The pessimist complains about the wind while the optimist expects it to change but the leader adjusts the sails." –John Maxwell.

State of the nation: the dilemma of nepotism and corruption time to pull back before it is too late

Muhammadu Buhari RTD is a medical tourist in London, a wasteful venture that himself hypocritically condemned during his campaign. Sad and unfortunate.

The Nigeria predicament: worsening insecurity and increasing separatist agitation

"I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your needs. I...

The Nigerian predicament: Nigeria is in dire need of selfless and patriotic leadership

"Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together." —Alan Mulally.

State of the nation: Nigeria the plundering of resources and squandering of riches

"..in fact, if law were restricted to protecting all persons, all liberties, and all properties; if law were nothing more than...

State of the nation: trust deficit and lack of accountability and transparency in governance

The current political gladiators and government of Major General Muhammad Buhari (rtd) promised "CHANGE" But what Nigerians are experiencing is "CHAINS" perhaps, they didn't hear him very well, during the 2015 campaign, because of his accent.

State of the nation: restructuring of the mind before the entity

"Great achievements are usually borne out of great sacrifice, and never the result of SELFISHNESS." "Opportunity often comes disguised in the...

Fourth industrial revolution: a part emerges when we walk on it

"Under a major political union of Africa there could emerge a United Africa, great and powerful, in which territorial boundaries which...

Suffering & smiling: Nigeria precarious situation under an incompetent rejuvenated tyrant

Hopefully, the price of fuel will get to a thousand naira per litre before the commencement of Dangote refinery and the end of this government tenure.

Fourth industrial revolution: Piloting the African youths for creative/critical thinking

Conclusively, it is pertinent to mention that; in my privileged relationship with a couple of highly effective and accomplished personalities, like our own revered: Bishop David Oyedepo, Otunba Mike Adenuga, Prince Arthur Eze, Dr Deji Adeleke and Aliko Dangote, they have common traits, which is creative and critical thinking.

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I have no anointed candidate, delegates will decide my successor — Ganduje

on the complexity of politics in Kano, so many aspirants for governorship, House of Representatives, Senate, how do I tackle it? Well looking at the antecedents of the Governor, his politics dexterity, he too is complicated complex in politics. So time will tell. The issue will be resolved democratically,” the Governor said.

Elections will continue to be a sham until we amend electoral act, says Senator

“The national assembly must pass an electoral act amendment bill that makes provision for electronic transmission of results from voting points.

We have no regrets leaving PDP ― C’River Commissioner

the decision of governor Ayade has opened the eyes of the people of the state to see the good in being in the same party with the ruling party

Nigerians are hungry, frustrated, unsafe — Northern CAN tells FG

We urged the President to go beyond rhetorics and match his words with action this time around in order to inspire confidence among Nigerians.