Re: Rep faces disgrace as PDP, Filiya community leader rejects Simon’s proposed constituency project

This attack orchestrated by the opposition PDP is targeted at Hon. Simon Karu (Member representing Kaltungo/Shongom federal constituency of Gombe State) and has a sole objective of misdirecting the huge crowd of his supporters from Filiya community.

A local amateur blog published an unverifiable story with the above title on the 21st November 2021. But for the innocent readers and the majority good people of Filiya community, this clarification would not have been necessary. It is not surprising the choice of this blogger who has distinguished himself for blackmail publication against anyone who turns down his offer of propaganda stories.

The PDP secretary of Filiya Ward, Mr. Habu Ali and the Chairman Filiya Community Development Association (FCDA), Mr Gambo Huassaini have depicted their absolute ignorance, built upon apparent malice by the publication of the fake news and misinformation. This attack orchestrated by the opposition PDP is targeted at Hon. Simon Karu (Member representing Kaltungo/Shongom federal constituency of Gombe State) and has a sole objective of misdirecting the huge crowd of his supporters from Filiya community.

Filiya is home to immediate past Member House of Representative (MHR) Hon. Fatima Binta Bello who represented Kaltungo/ Shongom at the National Assembly for two terms of four years (8 years) and in the last four years (4 years) as principal officer. So, one question that Mr. Habu Ali and Mr. Gambo Hussaini did not ask is how then were all the purported priority issues not receive attention even in the home town of the former Member House of Representatives?

Nevertheless, let us take an objective look at the issues raised in the said publication and how Hon. Simon Karu (MHR) has approached them in just two (2) years in office:

  1. SCARCITY OF PORTABLE WATER: Filiya and Tula share very close similarities in the area of portable drinking water. However, how did the home town of Hon. Fatima Binta Bello who served for eight years in office still be grappling with these issues of portable water and the same PDP representatives found it a lazy point to score cheap popularity?

Notwithstanding, Hon. Simon Karu Elisha (KSE) immediately on assumption of office made concerted effort to intervene in this area of portable water – maliciously described in the publication as “sharing drinking water with animals”. Hon. Simon Karu embarked on the task of REHABILITATING a DILAPIDATED SOLAR BORE-HOLE in Filiya and CONSTRUCTING a NEW 20,000 LITRES CAPACITY SOLAR BORE-HOLE at FARIN KASA in Filiya Community. These are evidences on ground to show Hon. Simon Karu as that leader who is deliberate and just in attending to the needs of his consitutents regardless the limitations and scarce resources available to him.

  1. ELECTRICITY: It is rather surprising how a leader of the community development association of a respected community like Filiya will allow himself to be used by the opposition party PDP through the party secretary to misrepresent issues in order to satisfy cheap political interests. on issue in this channel without cognizance to the position he occupies which represent a larger facet than just his interest. A true leader puts the interest and opinions of his people first before his political affiliations.

However, it is a fact that those behind this publication chose to mislead the people as they are aware of the projects which Hon. Simon Karu Elisha (member representing Kaltungo/Shongom Federal Constituency) has done in the area of electricity in Filliya community.

Hon. KSE had caused the REPAIR OF TRANSFORMER in Filiya community and Supported the SOLAR PANEL/INVERTER BATTERIES for Dulani Primary Health Center (PHC) Filiya as a way to improve the health care of the members of the community.

  1. STANDARD HOSPITAL: Although capital projects are secondary to the mandates of the MHR, Hon. Simon Karu has continued to influence the different levels of the executive to carry out some of these projects. In his two (2) years at the National Assembly, he has supported Dulani Primary Health Care Center with solar panel/inverter batteries in other to standardize their power supply. He is also constructed a befitting Health facility at Kushi (a neighboring community to Filiya) so as to be able to ensure that everyone gets the best even with scarce resources. This certainly does show the willingness and concern of Hon. Simon Karu Elisha for the good people of Filiya community contrary to the picture that the said publication has been paid to portray.

To mention, here are a few itemized projects executed by Hon KSE in Filiya/Pero Chonge alone in two years:

• Construction and furnishing of one 1 block of 3 classrooms at Jauro Sajo Filiya (completed).

• Construction and furnishing of one 1 block of 3 classroom at Kushi Central Primary School (completed).

• Construction and furnishing of one 1 block of 3 classrooms at Gwandum (Completed)

• Construction and furnishing of one block of 3 classrooms with office at Kumbikotong Damjigri, Gwandum (completed).

• Construction and furnishing of one block of 6 classrooms at Burak (WIV).

• Construction and furnishing of one block of three classrooms at Kugera Primary School, Kushi (WIV).

• Construction and furnishing a block of three classrooms at Deana,Gundale ward.(In View)
Construction and furnishing of a block of three classrooms at Galdimaru Sec. School (In View).

• Purchased of one hundred (100) sets of computers to Filiya JAMB center.

• Hon KSE supports youths with access to federal government ministries and agencies, permanent and pensionable employment and part time employment. Many youths from Filiya are beneficiaries.

“LEADERSHIP TRAINING FOR YOUTH NOT PRIORITY”: Every leader has his priority of empowerment. We saw in the past where monies were been spent as constituency projects (e.g. distributing Tricycle (Keke Napep) Cars, Motorcycles, sewing machines etc.) to youths/women that are not trained on how to utilize those for sustainable productivity. Many of them ended up selling those items at giveaway price by outsiders.

Hon KSE believe that to build a strong, sustainable economic society, leaders should be trained to be productive and self-sufficient. Moreover, leadership training for ethnic nationalities couldn’t have come at a better time, considering the the challenges we face as a result of incessant Communal clashes over the years, so is enlightenment and advocacy training on Human Rights to match global best practices.

So, the inclusion of youth leadership and empowerment programme for Kaltungo/Shongom Federal Constituency youths in the 2021 and not 2022 budget as alleged by the misinformed author, is an attestation that Hon. Simon Karu is equally interested in the capacity development of the people just as well as the infrastructures.

I employ the leaders to be of generous support to Hon. Simon Karu’s visionary leadership initiative to youths in their constituency, rather than being antagonistic to the brilliant efforts of this unique leader.

It should also be noted, that this is the first time the electorates are opportune to be carried along and adequately informed about the projects proposed by their representatives in this Kaltungo/Shongom federal constituency. The sponsors of that publications forgot that last year Hon. KSE engaged stake-holders in his constituency through Town Hall meetings in every State Constituency on input towards the budget proposals. This is an unprecedented approach as no representative in the past has ever done it.

In conclusion, I will employ the opposition and leaders of communities to be objective when raising issues in other not to bring unnecessary political tension and mistrust between an aged mutual understanding between Tula community and Filiya community.


Hon. Iliya Ayuba Tula (Osama)


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