IPAC news: Communique issued by the joint national and state assembly meeting of the Inter Party Advisory Council of Nigeria (IPAC)

As made available to the press by Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu Ag. President IPAC, through Chief Adekunle OmoAje Ag. Secretary General.


The IPAC meeting which held on the 26th of November, 2020 in Abuja.

As made available to the press by Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu
Ag. President IPAC, through Chief Adekunle OmoAje
Ag. Secretary General.

Determined to build the needed ethical democratic culture in the politics of our dear country, IPAC Central Management Committee hosted the first joint National and States Assembly of the Inter Party Advisory Council of Nigeria on 26th of November, 2020. Resolutions reached are as follows :

  1. The Council resolved to set up a committee to investigate INEC. This follows the fact that in spite of the huge budgetary allocation to INEC yearly, the election quality and general outcome of all elections in the country remain depressing. The outcome and integrity of elections have become subject of unending adjudication in election tribunals across the country, high courts, appeal courts and the Supreme Court at high cost to the government, political parties and candidates. Irrespective of the homonguous amount spent on INEC and the goodwill of both local and international agencies, the nation’s judiciary are overstretched with election related cases to the detriment of all other matters; economy, business, security and governance in the country. The Chairman of the Committee is Alhaji San Turaki with Barr Kehinde Edun as Secretary. In addition, the committee is mandated to look into INECs interference and culpability of its officials in the internal crisis engulfing political parties for many years. Also, the Agency’s motives in desperately wanting to be in control of the council of political party IPAC.
  2. The Joint Council approved the plan of action, training modules, conferences, seminars and summits as proposed by the Chief Nwosu led CMC.
  3. That the leadership of IPAC continues to work to advance multi-Party democracy and respect for rule of law. Therefore should continue to ensure that the Nigerian State does not fall into a one Party State.
  4. Approval was given to set up the State Management Committees (SMC) comprising the last elected members and/or others selected due to capacity to oversee and run the affairs of the Council in each State of the federation and the F.C.T. at the expiration of the current tenures of all State Executives. The SMC are to serve for 3months and liaise with the national body to conduct elections as appropriate.
  5. The joint Assembly condemned INEC’s shenanigans regarding some political parties as contemptuous and irresponsible, and reaffirmed its recognition of all 23 political parties whose corporate legal statuses have been restored through Court Judgements in ACD & 21ORS V. AGF & ANOR and Youth Party V. INEC. They remain bonafide and substantive members of the Council, as well as the 18parties. The Council further resolved to continue to respect judgments of the courts in matters regarding political parties and all others without cherry picking.


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