North Korea ‘tried to steal’ Covid vaccine technology from Pfizer

North Korea has tried to steal the technology behind Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine by hacking into the American drugmaker’s servers, according to South Korea’s intelligence agency.


South Korea’s intelligence services first reported the attempted hack

North Korea has tried to steal the technology behind Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine by hacking into the American drugmaker’s servers, according to South Korea’s intelligence agency.

South Korean spies informed MPs of the development at a closed-door hearing of the national assembly’s intelligence committee in Seoul, the news agency Yonhap reported on Tuesday.

It was not revealed when the hack occurred or if Kim Jong-un’s regime succeeded in stealing crucial information about how to produce the vaccine that has now been approved in a number of countries around the world.

Pfizer has not yet responded to the claims.

South Korea’ intelligence agency has previously said it foiled North Korean attempts to access Seoul-based companies involved in vaccine production, and in December last year it was reported that Pyongyang hackers tried to break into at least nine health organisations working on vaccines in countries including the UK and US.

A confidential report by the UN Security Council said the country raised more than $316m (£229.5m) in cryptocurrency to support its banned nuclear and ballistic missile programmes between 2019 and November 2020.


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