“My wife is a devil’s incarnate”, husband tells court

“Basirat began to behave like an eccentric after this. She once put a knife to my throat while I was sleeping in the night and would have slashed it if I didn’t act in time."


Olumuyiwa Johnson, a man, has narrated how his wife was planning to kill him to Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo Ibadan, Oyo State, and said that he’s no longer interested in his 24-year-old marriage to his wife, Basirat Omotayo, accused his wife of deceit.

Johnson said that Basirat was unfaithful to him and added that she once attempted to cut his throat while he was sleeping. 

He declared before the court that he no longer loved his wife and prayed that their union be dissolved.

Basirat refused to come to court despite being served court summons on three different occasions.

He further explained that: “Basirat and I got married 24 years ago but we lived together for only 15 years because she is a devil’s incarnate.

“I met Basirat shortly after I returned from abroad. My plan was to start a business and get well-established in it before thinking of marriage.

“Unfortunately, I had to shed this plan after I impregnated my wife while we were still dating.

“Basirat introduced me to the head of her church who was a prophet. I was reluctant joining her church because it is a white garment church while I’m a Catholic.

“She put so much pressure on me and I later gave in. Basirat further encouraged me to go to this prophet for prayers.

“My lord, I opened up to the prophet concerning every aspect of my life and he started oppressing and attacking me spiritually.

“I found it hard to explain to my wife what was happening to me.

“My lord, I was shocked to hear a few years into our marriage that my wife once dated this prophet and that they had just broken up when we met.

“I felt deceived and demanded to know the truth from her. Basirat refused to come clean about her relationship with the prophet. She hid some facts from me.

“We started experiencing a strain in our relationship from this moment.

“Five years after we got married, she told me she consulted some spiritualists who advised her to end her marriage to me and resume her relationship with the prophet.

“Basirat began to behave like an eccentric after this. She once put a knife to my throat while I was sleeping in the night and would have slashed it if I didn’t act in time.”

“This prophet took ill and requested that I see him when he was at the verge of dying. The person who conveyed the message to me said the prophet told him he wanted to do a confession. My lord, unfortunately he died before I got to his place,” Johnson said.

“Basirat is irresponsible and cares less about our children’s welfare. Any time I gave her our children’s school fees to pay, she would divide it into two and make only half available to the school.”

“My marriage to Basirat lasted only 15 years. We have been living separately for the past nine years. I no longer love her.

“My lord, my purpose for coming to court is to make the dissolution of our marriage official.

“I appeal to this court to grant me my prayer and also put our two children in my custody,” Olumuyiwa pleaded.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, ruled that their union be dissolved.

According to him, the defendant’s refusal to come to court showed that she was no more interested in their union.

He granted custody of their two children to the plaintiff.

Odunade instructed that a copy of the judgment should be served the defendant.


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