Watch porn videos to save your marriage — Nigerian sèx therapist


23 years old Nigerian body and sex therapist, Deborah Erioluwapo Ajayi, the Chief Executive Officer of Omoshola’s Place, based in both Abuja and Dubai, may have opened a can of worms by stating that married women should watch porn videos to boost their sex life so they can remain attractive and sexually appealing to their husbands.

The serial entrepreneur who spoke to Potpourri said it’s entirely up to the woman to keep her man from infidelity by attracting him by all means necessary.

She said, “A married woman with kids should try to look sexy and attractive for her husband. She should watch TV and happenings on social media. A married woman should also watch and understand latest sex styles and positions. I encourage women to watch porn videos on porn sites.

A married woman should always make sure she steams her vagina regularly, stay free from bacteria. So, regular checkups is advised, clean her pubic areas, always stay sexy and ready for him. If your husband is the type that clubs, don’t try to stop him, a caution will do but once in a while, go out clubbing with him. Have fun and don’t be a boring log.”

She advised that married women should do whatever is necessary to remain attractive to their husbands, adding that the use of aphrodisiac shouldn’t be out of the question.

“My flagship product, produced by me, `The Royal Honey Syrup’, an aphrodisiac specially produced for married women (though single girls buy them) comes handy in this regard. This syrup helps boost a woman’s confidence, by the way, it’s been introduced to the public, Regardless of whether the vaginal pheromones truly make a person irresistible or not, the fact that you think it does will make you act in a bolder, more confident manner.

It tightens the walls of the vagina, helps stimulates the vagina to help secrete more juice as a lot of women suffer from vagina dryness. A tight, juicy, odourless vagina – a brain formatter, as I usually call it” she said.

The Omoshola’s Place Chief Executive Officer sells aphrodisiacs with a touch of spiritualism. And recently she launched the biggest African salon and spa in Dubai (Jumeirah).



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