The fourth industrial revolution: Shaping the future of our youths and the effects of poor leadership

Even today, the 14th December 2020, a similar occurrence took place in Niger State. This time in Ogu and Tegina communities in Rafi loca government area, it was reported that some “gunmen” kidnapped 19 persons, killing a clergyman.


By Richard Odusanya

We stand on the brink of a technological innovation and revolution that will Fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate with one another. We do not yet know how it will unfold. But one thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated, comprehensive and in tune with best standard practice, bearing in mind the future of our youths.

Emerging technology breakthroughs in the field; such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and in other words, improved intelligence is all around us. From self-driven cars and drones to virtual assistants, softwares for investigative or translation purposes.

The fourth industrial revolution, characterized by a fusion of technologies, has the potential to raise global income levels, improve the quality of life of the population around the world, including security issues.

Overall, the present situation in Africa today, particularly the Nigeria situation; our present crops of leaders, instinctively, do not appear to have the mechanistic approach and the capability to understand why it is essential to shift from the outdated system, to the reality of the modern era. They lack the capability that will galvanize and enable citizens to engage with government: voice their opinions, coordinate their efforts and even circumvent barriers.

An underlying theme for the understanding of our present realities, as it concerns the future of our great country Nigeria and the restive youths who recently moved from being described as “lazy youths”, to the so called “Soro Soke” (Speak out) generation vibrant and organized citizens. 

Just last week Saturday, it was reported that, about 600 secondary school students were kidnapped by sets of “bandits” or “terrorists” who carried out a massive operation in Kankara. A local government area in Katsina State, which is the President’s hometown on the very day that President (Major General) Muhammad Buhari (Rtd), arrived in his country home. 

The numbers of the missing students are said to be between 668 and 333 according to the records of the school and the state governor, Governor Aminu Bello Masari. Contrarily, the President’s spokesman, Mallam Garba Shehu, outrageously claimed that the missing students were “only” ten in number. 

Even today, the 14th December 2020, a similar occurrence took place in Niger State. This time in Ogu and Tegina communities in Rafi loca government area, it was reported that some “gunmen” kidnapped 19 persons, killing a clergyman. 

This is clearly, a failure of governance! Imagine the series of absurd massacre, kidnapping, and killings! The question remains, why and how is it possible for “bandits” or “terrorists” to carry out such a massive operation in Kankara Katsina State, the President’s hometown on a day that Major General Muhammad Buhari (Rtd) arrived in his country home. And if this can happen in the President’s hometown, while he was physically present, where will be next?

Despite the horror happening in the country, the government hasn’t taken any effective proactive measures that would have averted the carnage. They  would just react, condemn and be in a state of shock without any action.

What sort of future awaits our youths? Our leaders have failed to institutionalize the principle of fairness and equity. There hasn’t been solid foundation laid and good examples to follow. If we don’t have a revolution of values, it may be the same in the future. After all, the Apple don’t fall far from the tree.

It underscores the feelings of our compatriots, that the president is completely indifferent and insensitive in his dereliction of duty. In his usual manner, he does not seem to have shown sufficient concerns towards the numerous calamities or taken the time to visit these affected places. Not even the most agonising and unexplainable, which happened in his state of origin, the recent “Kankara” kidnapping of students in his home where he was said to be presently on holiday.

Despite all the daily trends of insecurities. How do you explain the continuous retention of the heads of the security forces, the so called “service chiefs” whose tenure in service are long expired? This should not come as a surprise, because, the president, himself, Major General Muhammad Buhari (Rtd), is a product of a questionable and failed system, and has bluntly refused to rejig and rejuvenate the security apparatus.

Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) and the “cabals” are always good at doing the wrong things and bad at doing the right things. When the youths of the nations protested peacefully, they never asked for much.

They never asked for good roads, steady power supply, or any other basic amenities. The #EndSARS protesters demands were simple “tell your security operatives not to kill us indiscriminately”. 

This plea still remains unsolved and has lingered for months instead of addressing it, they choose to go on witch hunt of the protester. Maybe, they want to burn the country to the ground since Nigerians can’t breathe in peace anymore. The vision of the future is gradually being destroyed with these persistent criminality and crime against humanity in the nation.

Cry beloved mother Africa! Cry beloved country Nigeria!! Time to take our country back!!!

Richard Odusanya is the convener of AFRICA COVENANT RESCUE INITIATIVE ACRI. He writes from Abuja, Nigeria.


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