Bobi Wine: A voice seeking the unification of Africa

Africans must unite to move right out of this "Babylon". It is not our place and will never be our place. We are the children of "the Great Alkebulan"—‘the mother of mankind'. We cannot continue to live like nobodies or slaves in a world that takes life from our land.

The difference between a strongman and a weak one is that the former does not give up to a defeat. In the fight for freedom, we might have to fight a battle more than once to win it. Our minds must always be guided by the fact that a good half of the art of living is resilience.

Grief and resilience live together for in them lies the strength to fight back. It is the only way to overcome our greatest weakness which lies in giving up. In this cause for the liberation of “Mother Africa”, we cannot but bear losses like brave soldiers and without complaint. And at the point where the day seems lost, all we need do is grab our shield for another stand; another thrust forward, for this is the juncture that separates heroes from the merely strong.

Africans must unite to move right out of this “Babylon”. It is not our place and will never be our place. We are the children of “the Great Alkebulan”—‘the mother of mankind’. We cannot continue to live like nobodies or slaves in a world that takes life from our land.

Freedom of speech is unnecessary if the people to whom it is granted cannot think for themselves. Some of our conquered ancestors never wanted a nation but a crawl back to the plantation. We can’t continue to reason in same manner. Our thought must always be “WE NEED OUR LAND WHICH GUARANTEES OUR FREEDOM”!

The voices of those that conquered the fear of the invaders continue to whisper courage to our souls as they urge us to fight on until we get to victory. We cannot afford to fail them!

The land we desire should be one of rest for the heroes past, comfort for the present generation and a secured future for the generations to come; This is the Africa we can call our “Father’s land”. No one would do this for us if we fail to rise now and key into this struggle that can bring us to freedom.

Africans are under duress even as members of the United Nations. We have far relied too much on the help of the Western world for our liberation. No wonder our hearts are broken from time to time. The UN has washed its hands off the conflict between the black traitors ruling over Africa and the voiceless masses to side with the black traitors. They stand to be neutral but in the true sense are accomplices in the misrule and dictatorial leadership style of governance in Africa.

There can never be anything like “United Nations”. It is just another tool in the hands of the white supremacists in the scheme of modern colonization of Africans. Another race cannot free us if we do not free ourselves.

In this battle for the soul of Africa, we must keep plowing ahead no matter how much falls on us. This is the only way to keep the road clear in the race to restore our lost glory. Our hearts have been broken and would be broken many more times. However, we must take consolation in making arts with the pieces of our broken hearts.

An obstacle identified, to me, is half surmounted. We have identified our adversities in Africa of which some are:

-Paul Biya of Cameroun; 87 years and 45years in office.
-Teodoro Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea; 78years and 41 years in office.
-Denis Nguesso of Congo; 77 years and 36years in office.
-Yoweri Museveni of Uganda; 76 years of football age and 34years in office.
Idriss Deby of Chad; 68years and 30years in office.
-Isaias Atwerki of Eritrea; 74years and 27years in office.
-Paul Kagame of Rwanda; 63 years and 26years in office.

Muhammodu Buhari of Nigeria (the grand patron of all black slave masters in Africa); 78 years (possibly football age), and around the corridor of power in the past 55years.

These are societal pollutants that are inimical to our existence as a people. Year in year out, they continue to spread their old ways of corruption over the land. The types of leadership and governance that emerge from them are characterized by inordinate ambitions, arrogance and empty pride.

They cannot think out of the box and proffer solutions to our problems. Instead, they compound them and such would stretch into generations to come if we do not cut off these liabilities called leaders at this very moment.

No matter how bleak these vagabonds in power have made us felt as Africans, most especially the youths, they do not own us. They cannot take away our freedom to respond and power to take action. It is our reaction to adversity itself that determines how our lives story will develop.

In recent years, I have watched the African youths stand up to our despotic leaders; Omoyele Sowore has been a thorn in the flesh of the Buhari led government, the Nigerian youths of recent took to the street to demand for good governance ‘#EndSARS’, the Bobi Wine saga in Uganda keeps shaking Yoweri and his loyalists, the recent protest in Uganda on the arrest of Bobi Wine and insurgencies across the land of Africa from the youths.

It is really wonderful how much resilience is being displayed by these great “Wakanda Warriors”. The only song I hear their souls sing is “songs of freedom”; let any obstructing cause, no matter what, in the fight for a free Africa be removed in any way, even by death!” They have refused to be reduced by intimidation of the oppressors. And I cannot but tell myself that “THE TRUE FREEDOM WE SEEK IS NEARER NOW THAN EVER BEFORE”.

On this day, January 14,1963, George Wallace took over as governor of Arkansas, and his main motto for his campaign and the way he would run the State was “Segregation Forever”—a piercing tool for the hearts of the negroes.

History has got to be rewritten on this day, January 14, 2021 as the despot of Uganda would be democratically dethroned after 36 years of his reign of terror. The voice of Bobi Wine, at the moment, is the voice of the African youths that seek for the “Unification of Africa and the Eradication of the White Man’s Mechanism of Segregation Forever”.

We have suffered far too long in the face of racism and in the hands of the white supremacists because we have dwelt far too long in “Babylon” under the reign of black dictators we call leaders.

As Ugandans go to the polls today, it is a battle between light and darkness; good and evil; the new and old order. It is an African fight and not that of Bobi Wine and Ugandans alone.

Tyrants are never a match against democracy and its defenders. “Yoweri Museveni” of Uganda stands no chance against “Robert Kyagunlayi Ssentamu-Bobi Wine”, a true son of “Alkebulan”. However, the African tyrants are capable of perpetrating any evil to stay in power. So, all patriotic Africans and Pan-Africanists must do all within their capacities to see a victory and relief come to “Mother Africa”.

A victory over a despot is a victory over all despots. Yoweri must go down memory lane as a “democratically conquered dictator” by “an indefatigable WAKANDA PRINCE”.




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