Lockdown: Wike arrests violators, accuses police of complicity


Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has accused the Deputy Commissioner of Police in the state, Adamu Abubakar, of sabotaging the lockdown of the state.

Speaking in Port Harcourt on Thursday after monitoring the compliance level of the lockdown in the state, the governor said, “It is unfortunate to see the level of sabotage that we get from the police, particularly the deputy commissioner of police, Operations, Rivers State Police Command.

“The deputy commissioner of police will sign approvals for companies because he wants to collect money. I am the governor of this state and there cannot be two governors.”

He described as illegal approvals issued by the police or any other authorities, outside the Office of the Rivers State Governor.

“The deputy commissioner of police has no powers to issue approvals when the state government has locked down the state.  After the State Security Council met and agreed on the lockdown, the DCP went ahead to issue illegal letters to companies to operate. I have never seen that in my life.”

The governor said those arrested for violating the lockdown would be prosecuted by the state government.

He said, “All these violators must be prosecuted at the mobile court set for this purpose. What we are doing is not for any particular individual, it is for the interest of the state.”

Wike said the State Security Council would hold an emergency meeting on the illegal activities of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations.

“I have called for an emergency Security Council meeting by 3pm today. This is a complete sabotage by the deputy commissioner of police (operations), Rivers State Police Command. We will deal with that accordingly. I, however, thank the Army, the Navy and others on what they are doing to enforce the lockdown.

“For the deputy commissioner of police (operations) to sabotage us, that will not be accepted. I arrested those people and he (the DCP) had the guts to tell them to release those I arrested on the road because he is collecting money from companies. That is unacceptable.”

Source: The Punch.


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