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Mind restructuring: appreciative mind and unending love

It was Dan George, OC a chief of the Tsleit Waututh Nation, a coast Salish whose Indian reserve is located on...

Social media, best tool for political liberation

“to achieve a just and egalitarian society is to achieve a just and egalitarian political system.”

Presidency: 2023 and power shift

By Olawale Rasheed I am of the view that power shift to the South is feasible and possible...

Education as a tool of development

According to Professor Babatunde Fafunwa, education is the aggregate of all the processes by which a child or young adult develops abilities, attitudes and other forms of behaviours which are of positive value to the society in which he lives.

Naira devaluation: US Dollar, Nigeria Naira, my personal suggestion to CBN – Semiu Odeyinka

Let CBN ban commercial banks from opening and operating foreign currency domiciliary account for their customers in Nigeria. Everyone and businesses should be encouraged to operate Naira account

EFCC, SSS, other security agencies in Nigeria lack the legal powers to declare anyone wanted without a valid court order

The publication of the pictures and details of such persons by these agencies is a clear breach of their constitutional right to the presumption of innocence before and until a conviction is secured

VAT controversy and the possible solution

By Kabiru Adisa FCA Undoubtedly, Nigeria is evolving and passing through significant phases in her existence. The challenges...

Osun 2022 and the naked dancers

By Ibraheem Alli A month ago, I penned the political rigmarole in the two major contending political parties...

Mind Restructuring: advantage of broad-minded and tragedy of narrow-minded

It should be noted that the mind is critical to success and it is a pillar of strength in times of...

Recent events in Afghanistan: Quick lessons for Nigeria

The lesson for Nigeria on this is the need for government to spread development and dominate barren and ‘uninhabited areas’ across the country similar to ungoverned areas.

Mind restructuring: compassionate mind, kind heart and humanity

While I was still ruminating about the state of the nation, the challenges of a battered economy and political instability; the...

Lessons from Afghanistan: The Imperative for a united spirit against insurgency

Taliban and Boko Haram represent the very opposite of progressive as seen in their objectification and relegation of women, abhorrence for science and innovation, and rather violent disposition against the right to thought, religion and assembly. Even Afghans know!

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Covid-19: NCDC confirms three fresh Omicron cases in Nigeria

“Taken together, and if true, the Omicron variant can significantly change the current global COVID-19 epidemiology. There is currently no evidence of generalised or community transmission of this variant in Nigeria

Lai Mohammed devoted servant, made sacrifices – Buhari

As a party stalwart, President Buhari notes the sacrifices and contributions of the minister in raising a formidable information machinery that went a long way in bringing change in the country.

NWFL bans Osogbo stadium from hosting matches over deplorable condition

Expressing optimism that that state government will find a solution to the current problem, the Osun SWAN scribe noted that it is a challenge on those at the helms of affairs to do something on the pitch, dressing room and other areas identified by the NWFL.

JusticeForSylvester: We have bullies in Nollywood – Halima Abubakar

“I pray an arrest has been made and the perpetrators of the crime should be brought out and justice served so Sylvester can have closure and finally rest in peace. Bullying is actually rampant but they keep covering it up.”